Assignment: Change Project Part 4 – Assessment of significant learning

You can download the Learning Action 4 below. The final step for Learning Action 4 is to complete the Assignment discussed below with your community of practice.

In this part of the Change Project and in Learning Action 4, you will focus in on how to assess significant ESD learning. You call this process assessing ‘significant’ learning, because it includes assessing the following:

  • Cognitive competences and outcomes,

  • Socio-emotional competences and outcomes,

  • Action competences that reflect changes in practice and behaviour,

  • Social learning competences which include being able to work with others to engage in change processes,

  • Values and ethics, especially the ability to show care and empathy for self, others and the world around, and

  • Capacity for ‘learning how to learn’ and how to critically reflect on, and be part of change processes.

We will use the adapted Dee Fink (2003) model (see below) to demonstrate how to assess ‘significant’ learning, and will encourage you to apply it to your ESD Change Projects.

We conclude Learning Action 4 and the course with TASK 4: Change Project Part 4 – Develop an Assessment Plan for assessing ‘Significant Learning’ in your ESD Change Project

Design an assessment tool and approach for assessing significant learning as applied to your ESD Change Project. In this assessment, aim to cover assessment of at least some of the following dimensions of significant ESD learning:

  • Foundational knowledge and systems thinking,

  • Application, including depth inquiry and problem solving,

  • Integration, including different types of knowledge, skills and values,

  • Relationality: human and ecological dimensions,

  • Values and ethics: Caring/ubuntu, and

  • Learning how to learn, including ability to evaluate and review and contribute to change.

Try out the assessment approach and tools that you have designed. Encourage your student teachers and TVET instructors to use the assessment model and approach and to apply it to their ESD practice teaching and TVET instruction. Provide Feedback on the use of the assessment model and approach.

Assignment Guidelines

Format: written assessment 5-6 pages in word/pdf document or ppt slides (6-8 ppt slides)

Length: should include all sections mentioned above. Maximum of 6 pages, or 6-8 ppt slides.

Structure: Your assignment should consist of the ESD assessment tool, the assessment approach, the feedback from student teachers and TVET instructors on the model and approach. The assignment should conclude with your reflections and recommendations how you can improve on your ESD assessment practice. The assignment should show that you have thought through how to assess significant ESD learning in your context of practice.

Once you’ve completed the assignment with your community of practice please submit your Learning Action 4 assignment below. If you have any questions relating the assignment content, structure or have difficulties uploading your assignment please contact us.