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I am Isaac German, a social and environmental sciences lecturer at Chiradzulu Teacher Training College. I also work as a warden. My responsibility as a warden is to look after the welfare of students and the environment in which they are housed.

As A lecturer in the field of study stated above, I felt motivated to participate in this course with a reason of broadening my level of understanding of environmental issues and their management with a reason of ensuring that resources are available for the next generation. Further than this, I also wish to learn how I can bring change at my institution through the application of the knowledge I will get from these studies for example Institutional change projects.

As a warden, I have observed that sometimes the premises the students reside (hostels) are not well taken care of resulting into unhygienic conditions. This comes as a result of several factors one of it being poor waste management. It is against this background that I have proposed to venture into an institutional change project that will focus on Waste Management which at the end will see the hostels and other institutional sorrounding looking tidy and health for living.

I would like to involve all the college stakeholders in the implementation of this project. These include lecturers, students and management. Each one of them will be sensitized of their roles in the project and be empowered to take an action towards the achievement of the project’s goals