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(a) What is known about a topic
Cross cutting issues to be specific on climate change are found in a few selected subjects like Agriculture, Social and Environmental Sciences, Human Ecology and Expressive Arts. We are facing many challenges like droughts, floods, hunger, cyclones and high temperatures. Videos watched are on effects of climate change and are addressed in the curriculum.
(b) What is not yet known about a topic (in this case, climate change in Southern Africa).
The depth of the impact of climate change need to be explained further and also how the preventive measures must be taken seriously. On the same, few practical examples provided e.g those who have succeeded after using conservation farming methods, little has been known yet this is sensitive to climate change. The benefits of farming and other activities which are environmental friendly in nature are not much emphasized in the courses.
(c) Use these videos to review what what is currently included in your TE/TVET subject curricula on climate change in Southern Africa, what is missing and how you can review your curriculum to improve it.
The impact of climate change faced by Southern Africa is missing. Not only that but also how to relate students’ classroom experiences to the existing challenges the local communities face. This would assist students apply the content knowledge learnt in class into practical knowledge as teachers are agents of change hence helping communities address some of the challenges faced thereby promoting their economic and social lives.As already explained in the Anthropocene that when one system is affected negatively in the ecosystem, humans would also be affected, then there is need to include issues of climate change to all subjects of the course.