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Which type of Change Project will you be working on?
We will be working on the one on curriculum innovation ESD Change Projects for ECD, Secondary and Primary education and TVET.
Why are you thinking about working on this type of a Change Project?
I am hopeful that this project will contribute to sustainable education in my institution and not my institution only but even in the country wide. As we will be working with prospective teachers this will further filtrate to the learners they will be teaching in schools.
Who are you thinking of working with to develop this Change Project
I will work with member of my department and possibly some members from the faculty of education.
Once you have looked through all of these, post a message to the forum sharing your thoughts on these case studies. Which ones did you enjoy the most? And how have they influenced your thinking about your ESD Change Project?
This video that reports on the Zimbabwe Sustainability Starts with Teachers Change Project Peer Review Meeting hosted in Harare in 2019.
This video that presents the Sustainability Starts with Teachers Change Project being developed in the Serowe College of Education in Botswana I also enjoyed it. This is due to the fact that it alludes to the creation of materials by both students and teachers; a great tool for teaching and learning. I like the integration of students into the development of materials. This is inspirational and an eye opener to the fact that learners should not be left behind and the more they are involved the better they understand and achieve.