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Using the videos to review what is currently included in your TE/TVET subject curricula on climate change in southern Africa, what is missing, and how you can review your curriculum to improve it

*Our curriculum seem to be very detached on issues of climate change. I think the reason could be that ICT, as a technical oriented field, we are much concerned with how to achieve things and be oblivious that the earth actually has integrated systems/ spheres and nothing really can be done outside of these spheres.

I think it is very important to understand that the earth is sustained by the interrelatedness and balance between its major systems. Understanding this will make each one of us, regardless of field of practice they are in to first acknowledge that what we do will certainly do something to the status quo of the earth and therefore establish first what that something will likely be and whether or not it is desirable and what the consequences may be, no matter how subtle/ small/ insignificant those consequences are likely to be.

We must understand that small and insignificant consequences contributions from different fields of practice, when put together, are likely to become quite significant consequences. Therefore, understanding the earth and its systems is crucial before we can begin to think as IT specialists or any other specialist.