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My name is Lungile K. Sihlongonyane teaches Geography and Environmental Science at the University of Eswatini (Curriculum and Teaching Department). I got interested in participating in this programme because I am an environmental educator. One of my course theme is Education for Environmental Sustainability (ESD), which enables my students to participate in environmental awareness projects, I am also adviser in UNIGEP a student environmental awareness organization. Therefore in this course I will be empowered with more skills in environmental awareness and sustainability measures.
Our Institutional Change Project is recycling waste material, where we will be working with our university students, nearby primary and high school and the community, so that in the process they may be capacitated and empowered about environmental sustainability measures and commercialization such.
The main aim for an institutional Change Project is to work with relevant structures so that ESD course may be compulsory in the first year of tertiary studies (like ACS, Library and Computer Skills) in order to be easily integrated in all subjects departments, be in line with sustainable development (agenda 2030).