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My name is Isaac Lupiya. A commercial studies instructor at Salima Technical College in Salima, Malawi. My interest in joining up the project was both on personal grounds and proffessional too. Personally, within myself, i think and see that i can do better in being there for the environment i am living in to sustain it. What i can call proffessional grounds, its when i learnt about this project that, out there some others really want to sustain the environment too. Having the team at my institution too, i couldnt be more proud!

The initial change project, together with my team members at our institution, is to reduce the soil erosions we are getting affected with in so many ways. Our institution resides in an area of sandy terrain, its right on the lake soil. The community gets affected too as much as us. It will be a team work and ofcourse, not forgetting learners too.