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Comment and discuss on the forum how the following technology supported approaches can be used to enhance assessment of ESD.

Online discussions/blogs
they bring together ideas from people from different walks of life, different communities. they provide information from different contexts. They are not time-based, a contribution can be made at any time when one is connected to a network.

Blended learning assessments;
combines both face-to-face and online learning, giving both teachers and learners an opportunity to develop skills in utilising both sides of the coin.

Online project based learning;
This method gives both project learning by doing skills, together with online skills.
this helps build collaboration skills among learners, who may not be coming from the same context.

An electronic e-portfolio is a collection of electronic evidence assembled in an electronic format that showcase learning over time. They provide a visual space for learners to assess their work, to reflect on it and make connections among different subject areas , assignments , and extracurricular activities.

a fully contextual and downloadable audio file that learners can listen to at any time. it builds the skill of self- assessment and self- supervision.

What would make these more appropriate for transformative learning and ESD practice?
Online platforms of teaching and learning are relevant these days in the face of COVID 19. our generation had to learn the hard and fast way how to use some of these online methods of teaching/ learning. they are very relevant to the SDGs as well, since technological advancement is one of the goals. It also facilitates enforcement of 21 st century competencies in our students. They are good for sharing technological knowledge among ourselves as lecturers in the two ends of the world, and within the continent. for example AU has been offering us free online trainings on using zoom and google classroom as teaching platforms and we never knew we could do so much on these platforms. The same skills are transferred to our students.