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The multidimensional nature of the learning process requires multidimensional assessment, where skills, knowledge, competencies and values are also assessed. the framework for assessing learning puts down 6 dimensions that need to be learnt and assessed subsequently. Competency based education in South Africa was affected by a missing a corresponding multidimensional assessment system. cognitive assessments include the conventional method of assessment that teachers are well skilled in. this includes knowledge and understanding, which should not be an end to itself, but only a groundwork for other kinds of learning(Fink,2003). Socio- emotional learning and assessment is a bit elusive for teachers because it touches on the affective domain. However it can be assessed through observation of learners while they are exposed to cultural events, music etc. this domain is better assessed using interviews where learners open up more about their affective characteristics. other methods would be focused group discussions. Behavior changes can also be noted through observations while learners are engaged in social events. Behavior assessments are best done by peers, and self. Formative assessments are good because they give learners the opportunity to change, so they are important for behavior teaching/ learning.
Social learning outcomes related to SDGs can be assessed as situated in communities, which emphasises contextualisation rather than generalisation of assessment. large scale assessments can be used at different levels, e.g. country, community, institution, classroom and individual.
Assessing oneself is a skill that everyone needs because it is very key in transformative learning. transformative learning is all about change that comes from within in terms of values, norms, terms of reference etc. in order to experience that change, one needs a significant experience which challenges her to reflect critically on the relevance of one’s values. once values change, behavior and insight will change and so will the whole person.