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The vision and mission statements from my institution
VISION:- To be at the forefront of technological change and provide excellence in training.
MISSION:- Maintain its position as the principal institution of higher-level technical and vocational education and training in Swaziland. It is dedicated to providing and facilitating high-quality training and learning in technology and business studies in collaboration with the commercial, industrial, and public sectors. the aim is to enhance the development and expansion of the economy for the prosperity of the Swazi nation within the region of Southern Africa.

1. To what extent does it reflect your understanding of sustainable development?
I think it does reflect sustainable development to a certain extent.

2. To what extent does it reflect the definition of sustainable development that reads “Sustainable Development is development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”? Do you think this is needed or not?
I think it reflects on the SD a great deal because sn institution should always be flexible to always upgrade their curriculum to accomodate everyone. therefore the education provided will always focus in the future.

3.To what extent does your institution’s Vision and Mission statement reflect the objectives of ESD and the GAP?
it is to empower the learners to be better citizens who can use the skills gained to sustain themselves.

4. How would you reframe/restate your institution’s Vision and Mission statement to more substantively reflect SD and ESD (based on your understandings of these concepts and your context)?
to become a lifelong training center dedicating to quality education that are in line with industrial demands and also aligning to continental goals.