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Hello everyone,
I am Sautsani Mercy Tauzi. I am a teacher educator working at Lilongwe Teacher Training College. I decided to participate in this course because of the interest I have in playing a role to transform the economic stability of people around my work place. Through this course, I am very confident that the vision to transform the community around my institution is attainable. My initial ideas for the Change Project were that of making briquettes to substitute use charcoal from trees. Big forests and mountains are being left bare because of careless cutting down of trees by local people burning charcoal which they sell and use a source of energy. Hydro Electricity is the main source of energy in Malawi and is expensive such that not many Malawians can afford to use if for cooking. as a result, charcoal is commonly used by almost 80% of the population.
it is against this background that our Change Projects will address waste management and waste disposal. On waste management, we intend to use waste like paper and maize sheaths to make briquettes. Om waste disposal, we want to create specific areas where waste is going to be disposed and later on make organic manure/fertilizer. The organic manure/fertilizer will be used in farms so that we reduce the use chemical fertilizers that leads to soil acidity