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Hello everyone. My name Siphiwe Gumedze- Magagula, a lecturer at Ngwane Teachers College in Eswatini.I felt interested in this online course after attending a meeting whereby good facilitators presented about the Sustainable Development Goals. I also have an iterest in the course because it will also help me to empower me and my student teachers. They will helpdevelop knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will help them to be well prepared to find solutions for the challenges of today and the future about the environment, society and economy. So the learners will to=hen make informed decisions and take collective activity change for thier communities and care for the earth.

Our ESD change project will ensure that we keep our environment clean.In our institution paper waste is a big issue. AS group we need to reduce paper waste in the institution which will have a positive impacts on the environment. We will make some changes to how we dispose of our papers, reduce paper usage or learn how to be paperless.