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Joyce Dzonzi
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My name is Joyce Dzonzi Siska from St Joseph Teachers’ Training College, Malawi and I belong to Science department. Iam a teacher educator for eight years in the field of Agriculture and Human Ecology.
Iam glad that I have joined this course which deals with sustainable development issues and I hope my knowledge on how to make the environment sustainable will be widen through interacting with different people from different countries who have also registered their interest in the same course. I have already started enjoying listening to presentations by different people concerning sustainable development.
As for me, the change program Iam interested in is proper waste disposal. Whereby I will make sure that our college is a litter free zone to get lid of air and land pollution. The community around the college will also be sensitized on the same. However our sustainable sustainable development group at college level has dicided to be engaged in water harvesting project. Iam in support of this project because water is life and we will be be to conserve water through this project.