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I am Sibusiso Msibi, a lecturer at the Institute of Development Management, Eswatini Campus, with 7 years’ experience as working an environmentalist. I joined the SST course because I am interested in mastering concepts that deal with transformative change. I believe that transformative change is what is needed the most to alleviate some of the leading challenges in our societies. Through the SST course, one will be able to master the art of developing programmes that drive change that is transformative not just business as usual. I am keen to learn about models that can be used to inspire change that starts from the grassroots level.

My initial thoughts for the change project is centred around the idea of an active multidisciplinary stakeholder driven model for excellence in primary to higher education curriculum development. Part of the aims of the project will be to ensure active participation of the wider populace in key components and decisions in the education sphere.