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Hello colleagues, my name is Dumile Nhlengethwa, working at Southern Africa Nazarene University. I am a biology/ geography specialist and have taken keen interest in environmental issues, including environmental sustainability. what motivated me to join this course was mainly to get more ideas and clarity on a project I have already started on in our institution through MESA. This project involved mainstreaming environmental sustainability issues in several subjects in our Primary Teachers’ Diploma curriculum. we started off by doing an assessment of how much environmental education there is in our curriculum, with the aim of adding more stuff on that. we then realised we needed to prepare a proposal which we submitted to the faculty administration. we wanted to launch a branch of MESA first, so that we can then advocate and propose for small curriculum adaptations. When I saw this course I thought it would be helpful in providing more insight into this project so that changes in strategy or approach can be possible, and possibly see it to fruition.