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The Department of Forestry and Natural Resource Management at Lesotho Agricultural College specifically under the Environmental Management course (FRMD115) discusses widely the topic of Climate Change. The course covers content that ranges from definition, causes of climate change, impacts, adaptation and mitigation strategies and the policy of the Government of Lesotho on climate change.
What is missing in the curriculum with regard to climate change is the relative impacts of climate change that Southern Africa will face compared to other regions. That is to say, if the global climate temperatures were to remain at a constant level of below 1 degrees Celsius then Southern Africa will still be higher as indicated by CSIR future modelling. Therefore, Southern Africa has to increase its public sensitization programmes so that everyone understands how serious climate change is for the region.
In this regard, the Department of Forestry stuff in the college have to meet and address the issue of missing content in the syllabus and agree on it being included and this being in line with the fact that its an important knowledge that learners should be provided with.