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L Du Plooy
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How this Learning Action has helped you to re-view your TE/TVET programmes?
Basically it helped by do ascertain whether our TE programmes are aligned to SDG’s and more importantly SDG 4. A critical review of programmes using the ACTION LEARNING FRAMEWORK would be a useful exercise in order to identify gaps and make our programmes more responsive to ESD.
How can you work towards a more critical understanding of SD and ESD in your context?
Start by reviewing module content (what we teach), pedagogy (how we teach) assessment (finding alternative assessment methods) that help in the development of 21st teacher competencies.
What still needs to be discussed and taken forward?
Who is ultimately responsible -or rather who will take up responsibility for transformative changes in the Faculty. To identify like-minded people willing to drive ESD within the faculty.
Can you prepare some suggestions for colleagues / your department / your TE/TVET institution? What would you emphasise?
1. Identify the ‘Change Agents’ or ‘Charge Drivers’
2. Follow the Action Learning Framework – critically take each TE programme through the process of assessing its responsiveness to SD and ESD, GAP priority areas and SDG 4
3. Establish CoP in different programmes and across programmes
Placing emphasis on SDG 4 with specific reference to Target 4.7, the GAP priority areas, and developing teachers for ESD and the 21st century competencies