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Leonard Nkhata
Posted 2 months ago
ESD: An assurance for present and future generations’ sustainability

The training was extremely challenging, interesting, enjoyable and valuable. The modules and other literature were precise for use as reference materials. The course equipped our CoPs with skills to successfully initiate, design, implement and evaluate change projects. Personally I am better prepared to deal with sustainability issues and guide our students on ESD matters.

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Mushinga wa Mooto
Posted 2 months ago
Education for Sustainable Development is key

The designed and the content of the course was very practical and enriching. Activities allowed for more exploration into the material that enhances the understanding of matters that relate to social economic and political landscape as it affects the full enjoyment of life and role of ESD in improving it. It was so interactive and well programmed that its completion radiates near expert status.

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Posted 3 months ago
The course is empowering

I liked the webinars and the presentations! They were interactive , informative and diverse. I have learnt a lot from the course and I feel empowered. I also liked the access to different and sufficient learning materials. I hope to use the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values gained to improve my practice. I disliked certain aspects of the course that were repetitive in some way.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!